Momondo - ClickTwo Travel Chrome extension


Logo design and Illustrations for an animated video to promote Momondo's ClickTwo Chrome browser extension.


Traditional flight searching can be time-consuming and frustrating. Meaning flight search engines are losing out on business. When Momondo – a Danish flight search engine – wanted to address this problem, we saw a chance to change the way the category works.

Introducing ClickTwo Travel – a browser extension that finds you the cheapest flight when you double-click a place name or trigger word anywhere on the web. A Facebook brag from a friend in Sydney, a YouTube video on surfing in Bali, a food blog about pizza in Rome… wherever you feel travel inspiration, just double-click and go. It makes flight search more spontaneous, and turns travel into an impulse purchase.

With ClickTwo Travel installed, the whole internet suddenly became one huge invitation to travel. Within days of its launch in April 2015, ClickTwo Travel featured on top travel and tech sites like FWA and Contagious, and had a click-though rate of 5%, 50 times higher than conventional online advertising. But most importantly, it put the entire world just two clicks away.